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 *********Security Guard Training: $45 per guard****

      Of the handful of companies with State approved curricula to conduct training for Act 208 requirements, all the Community Colleges of the University of Hawaii system use only the Solutions-4-Security, LLC curriculum. The University of Hawaii Community College system is the primary educational institution utilized by Solutions-4-Security because of the professionalism associated with an accredited university. However, if your company is unable to get the needed training due to scheduling conflicts with the college system, Solutions-4-Security, LLC will conduct your training for $45 a student with a minimum of ten students enrolled.

     All security guards are required to receive training pursuant to Act 208, Session Laws of Hawaii 2010. Solutions-4-Security, LLC was the first company to teach the course in Hawaii at the University of Hawaii Community Colleges. The Solutions-4-Security, LLC curriculum was the first curriculum approved by the State of Hawaii. The chief instructor is David Heaukulani, Ph.D., CPP, CAPP, who was an Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii, Hilo Campus, teaching sociology, criminology, juvenile delinquency, and statistics as well as Private Security at Hawaii Community College. He developed the inaugural security guard curriculum under Act 208 approved by the State of Hawaii.

     Doctor Heaukulani is a retired Assistant Chief of Police from the Honolulu Police Department. As the Assistant Chief of the Administrative Bureau he was responsible for HPD's police recruit training. Following retirement from HPD he became a licensed private detective and security consultant. Under contract to the State Judiciary he conducted training for Deputy Sheriff's in the Hawaii Office of the Sheriff.

     He was next recruited by the Department of Defense and went to work with the military police brigade at Fort Shafter. He was school trained by the Department of Defense in Physical Security and the Special Operations Center at Fort Bragg in Anti-Terrorism. He then became the first civilian Deputy Provost Marshal and Operations Officer for the military police battalion under a new concept for U.S. Army Garrisons. He next became the first chief of police for the Department of Defense Police at the U.S. Army Pohakuloa Training Area in Hawaii and retired as the Executive Officer of the Training Area.

     Doctor Heaukulani is a graduate of the FBI Train-the-Trainer course and is approved by the State of Hawaii to conduct the required Train-the-Trainer course for instructors who, in turn, are approved by the State of Hawaii to conduct security guard training under Act 208.

     He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in municipal, state, and federal law enforcement, private security, and academia to bear in his security guard training.

     Solutions-4-Security, LLC started out with the University of Hawaii Community College System to offer Act 208 training in order to give the security industry a college level credential. We asked the University to offer it at a tuition of $45 due to the high cost of other expenses that the guards will encounter (e.g., fingerprints and fees). The Community Colleges' initial tuition was $45 but it has has since raised its tuition to $125. In keeping with its initial concern to make it reasonable to entry level guards, we will continue to offer the training outside of the community college level at $45 per guard with a minimum of ten guards. You arrange the location and coordinate to assemble ten guards and we will give the training. Contact Doctor Heaukulani directly at to lock in the date and discuss the arrangements.  

     Finally, If you are shopping around for an instructor to do your required Act 208 training, you should consider the security professionals who acquired the CPP credential (Certified Protection Professional) from the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) which is considered to be the Ph.D. of security by security professionals. They are the proud and the few. If you have to ask what it is, you definitely need to acquire professional level security training.

     Check with your local Community College first to get the security guard training you need. If you have no luck with that, check out the Act 208 instructors in the pull down menu above. Finally, you can contact Dr. Heaukulani at 



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