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There are two types of instructors using the Solutions-4-Security curriculum.

 1. LICENSE INSTRUCTORS: These are the instructors who purchased the license to be a third-party vendor in the State of Hawaii. They can train security guards anywhere in the State of Hawaii. They have qualified as an instructor according to criteria established by the DCCA Board of Private Detectives and Guards and are certified accordingly. They have received the train-the-trainer orientation from a certified Solutions-4-Security instructor. These instructors are listed in the page titled ACT 208 INSTRUCTORS on this web site. You can purchase the license here at the Web Store. If you purchase the license it comes with the training at no extra cost.

 2. AGENCY INSTRUCTORS: These are the instructors who work for an agency AND THE AGENCY paid for them to be trained by Solutions-4-Security. If the agency paid for the instruction, then the agency owns the training materials not the instructor. If the instructor leaves the agency, that instructor cannot use the Solutions-4-Security materials to teach Act 208 requirements some where else.

NOTE: A rule of thumb in copyright law is that the Act 208 curriculum materials provided by Solutions-4-Security is like a library book. You cannot make copies of that book for others to read. Same rule applies to software you use on your computer.

If a company sends and pays for two people to be trained, then they own two copies of the training materials. Examples of multiple copies and trainers are Aloha Security, Universal Protection Services, and Andrews International.

INSTRUCTOR TRANSFER OPTION. What if you were trained and worked for an agency that purchased the curriculum and then went to work for another agency that also paid for the Solutions-4-Security curriculum? Your instructor certification can transfer over. However, only one instructor can be teaching the course at any one time since the company owns only one license. It is like the one software or the one library book--two persons cannot be reading the same book at the same time. You must notify Solutions-4-Security of this type of transfer so we can notify the DCCA Board of Private Detectives and Guards as well as your new agency on the limited use of the curriculum.


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