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Paranormal Investigation for Private Detectives


What do you do when a real estate agent calls you for help on a property that has disclosed the existence of ghosts? You probably will be stumped or hunt for a ghost hunter.

Do it yourself with a minimum investment in basic equipment used in standard paranormal research. Call this course Ghost Hunting 101. You will learn the accepted investigation language and equipment such as EMF, EVP, IR. Thermal Imaging, and voice analyzer. Learn what questions to ask a paranormal entity and how to capture its communication.

Conducted by Dr. David Heaukulani, Ph.D. a fellow with the American Society for Psychical Research. He has been doing paranormal investigations since 1983 and wrote the book The Reficul Parallax which is a fiction based on his experiences into the paranormal world.

Four hours 10AM - 1PM - Location is the University of Hawaii Innovations Technology Center in Hilo Hawaii. February 2014.. Dates are pending. Send an email to to book a reservation.

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